In the Name of God the Compassionate the Compassioner

The prophet, P.B.U.H[1], says: (No communication with God is performed by that who doesn’t read the opening Chapter of the holy Book '' Al-Fatiha'').
Another Hadith is: (Whoever prays a prayer without reciting the opening chapter of the Book; his prayer is imperfect, imperfect, imperfect).
So, what is the greatest secret related to Al-Fatiha which makes the communication with God depending on itThe communication with God is the link between the spirit in addition to its Provider, and its close connection with its Creator's Light. This is the communication with God in its reality. If it does not result in this link and connection; it will be only mere movements with no sense, meaning or reality; that is to say, it will be mere sayings and movements.
But how can we get this link with our Provider
How can we perform this communication with God in its essence and reality

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[1]P.B.U.H : Peace be upon him

Interpretation Al-Fatiha surat