Peace ad blessings be upon the best creation and the final Messenger, our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessing be upon HIM...After...this topic is for some useful websites about Islam and many other stuff
Islamic useful sites

Note: Please any one finds anything worng in any site and sure of it and/or finds any arguing between any sect DO inform me here, and the team will take it off as well as if any one has some usfuel wbsites about Islam please post it here. Thanks for your co-operation
Islamic useful sites

Discover Islam

Translated Quran in many languages, enables the search of text in the quran - includes other information

This is Prophet Mohammed

Quran recitation Salah Abo Khater

The miracles of the Quran and Sunna
Remarkable Scientific Discoveries

Prayer (salah) times for every town/ city/ and country in the world includes other information too

Know who is Allah and how to love Him
Islamic useful sites
Islamic Network Center - Muttaqun Foundation Read The Quran Online - Halaqas, Free Qurans and books, Islamic Library, Chat and more

IslamUnveiled Calls for Islam among nonmuslims around the world

Islamway One of the major Islamic sites on the Internet with more than 4000 free Islamic audio files

The Islamic Affairs Department What is the religion of Islam? The Five Daily Prayers, The Holy Mosques

The Islamic guide is for non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam, Muslims (Moslems) and the Holy Quran (Koran)

Committee of Religious Prints Allocation to pilgrims and Visitors A guide to Hajj, Umrah and visiting the prophet´s mosque. We send Islamic books and quides to you

Islam Land Useful Information about Islam. Free islamic books, brochures, the holy Quran, articles, downloads

Al Islam If you are not a Muslim, then let this site serve as a means of introducing Islam to you

Al Islam Comprehensive site about Islam - Faith, Biography of the Prophet Mohammed, Quran, Hadith, Prayer Times, Ramadan, Zakah. Including a magazine, dictionary and more

Al-Quran Recitation High quality recitation of the Holy Quran by popular reciters in clear and beautiful tones
Islamic useful sites
Islamic sites for kids

Albalagh Children
A nice site explaining the basic concepts in Islam of which children should be aware along with quizzes to test their knowledge. There are also sections on Islamic history and science as well as a unique page with audio of children reciting the Qur'an. Children may submit their own recitations as well as any creative work related to Islam.

Bismillah: The Islamic Page for Kids
A childrens' introduction to Islam containing information for kids and parents as well as links to other kids' sites on the web.

The Cave for Muslim Youth
This website contains unique information for older Muslim children and is part of the Islamic website which is also very nice.

Childrens' Playrooms
A selection of puzzles and games plus a collection of Islamic links for kids.

Glorifying Allah: A Site for Muslim Children!
This site was put together by a kid and contains simple directions on how to pray and make wudhu'.

Islam: Meaning and Message
More well-written stories of the prophets (peace be upon them) and a description of the basics of Islam.

Islamic Typing Test
A chance to test your typing skills by typing out verses from the Qur'an in English.

The Islamic Virtual School
Articles and information about Islam as well as a number of games and activities designed to help in building Arabic-language skills.

Islamic Voice Childrens' Corner
A collection of Islamic articles, stories and games from the on-line magazine Islamic Voice. The "Childrens' Corner" is updated monthly with each new issue of the magazine, so just visit the magazine's home page to get the latest version.

Islamway Childrens' Page
A very useful site in Arabic containing many games, stories and other activities for children. A lot of audio. Put together by IslamWay Radio which has all kinds of Islamic audio (Qur'an, lectures, etc.) and Islamic literature in Arabic, English, French, Dutch and Urdu.

Let's Practice the Arabic Alphabet
A chart of the Arabic alphabet. You may click on each letter in order to hear how it is pronounced.

OnLine Muslim Youth
Games, activities and inspiration for Muslim boys and girls.

Religious Beliefs Made Visual: Geometry and Islam
A neat activity which teaches children to draw Islamic geometric patterns and explains some of the history behind the designs.

Shining Stars
Graphics intensive page with lots of good information on Islam for children. It is packed with stories, interesting facts, jokes, poems and other fun. Includes a Qur'anic audio page with all the short suras (chapters) of the Qur'an.

Signs of Allah
A tour of Allah's signs represented in pictures and descibed by Qur'an. Good for adults too!

Learn why the stars are a blessing and a guide.

Stories of the Prophets
Detailed stories of many of the prophets of Islam and biographies of the wives of prophet Muhammed (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.)

Treasure Hunt
A quiz designed for kids to test their Islamic knowledge.

Kids Islamic Stories
This Yahoogroup includes stories in English, sends daily Arabic doses to help mothers learn and teach the Arabic language to Muslim children. The Arabic postings includes short repetitive stories, vocabulary and exercises. This list will recommend Islamic multimedia software to teach Islamic subjects, learning to read the Qur'an and learning to understand Arabic.

Play and Learn
This site has print out coloring pages and arabic worksheets. There are other useful resources as well. However, this is a shia site. Take what you need and leave the rest!

Muslim Today Kids
Islam for kids, Anasheed, Girl's and boy's sites, Islamic coloring pages and much more.

Muslim Tents
Kids page

the sounds of islam

live T.V.
and many many more
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Islamic useful sites

Islamic useful sites